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Hennepin Loop A short loop from Wyandotte around Hennepin point, to the GI Lighthouse returning by the channel between Hennepin point and Grosse Ile.


  • The channel between Hennepin Point and Grosse Ile can be difficult to paddle late in the summer due to vegetation.
  • Mink are often sighted on the rocks on Hennepin Point shoreline.
  • This is the best way to to view the Grosse Ile lighthouse, from the water, because it is not accessible from the shore without special permissions.
  • Swans and other water fowl are often observed in the marshy area between Hennepin point and the Grosse Ile Toll Bridge.

Hennepin Loop Route 360 View

Downriver Linked Greenways partnered with the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments and Terrain360 to bring you this virtual tour of the water trail.

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