Frequently Asked Questions

Who manages the bike/hike trail?

It depends! Trails are owned and managed by the entity who owns or manages the surrounding land. For example: Trails at Lake Erie Metropark are managed by Huron-Clinton Metropark Authority, those within Wayne County Elizabeth Park and managed by Wayne County Parks, trails along Gibratar Road in Flat Rock are managed by Flat Rock and bike lanes on Harrison in Trenton are managed by Trenton.

Where is the best place to park and get on the bike/hike trail?

There are many options, in fact, every one of our Downriver communities has at least one parking area near the trail. Our favorites include large parks such as the Metroparks, Huroc Park in Flat Rock, and Wayne County's Elizabeth Park in Trenton as well as some of the smaller parking areas such as Gibraltar Community Center, Flat Rock Community Center, Trenton City Hall, and Wyandotte's Bishop Park.

When will the trail be finished?

New trail connections are being planned and constructed all the time. Trails are always evolving and growing! Stay tuned as our Downriver communities grow their trails!

What’s a water trail?

A water trail is a designated route along a lake, river, canal or bay specifically designed for people using small boats like kayaks, canoes, single sailboats or rowboats. The trails sometimes called “blueways,” are the aquatic equivalent of a hiking trail (or “greenway”). Water trails feature well-developed access and launch points; are near significant historical, environmental or cultural points of interest; and often include nearby amenities such as restaurants, hotels, and campgrounds.

How many water trails are there Downriver?

The Detroit Heritage River Water Trail (DHRWT) is part of the Downriver Linked Greenways trail system with several launches connected to our greenways. The Rouge and Huron rivers also have water trails that connect with the DHRWT but are organized by other non-profits.

Where are the DHRWT kayak launches located?

There are kayak launches in Detroit, River Rouge, Ecorse, Wyandotte, Trenton, Grosse Ile, Gibraltar, and Brownstown Twp.

What’s a universally accessible launch and where are they?

Universally accessible launches are sites with docks, ramps and other facilities that provide inclusive universal accessibility for everyone, including paddlers with disabilities. These launches make it easier to get in and out of kayaks, improving the experience for everyone. The DHRWT has 3 universally accessible launches located in Detroit, Wyandotte and Grosse Ile.

How can I become a partner?

Our partners provide a variety of support for our trails including promotions, programming, management, and funding. Use the contact us form to submit an idea for how you can support us.

What other ways can I help?

Join us on FB and Instagram, share your stories, photos and videos.

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